Earthquake hits Turkey . 18 killed and arournd more then 500 injured.

A heavy eartquake with a magnitude of 6.8 hip the eastern turkish province of Elazig . It was also felt by the neighbouring country according to the media of Syria and Iran.

According to report 18 peoples are killed in the earthquake leaving severals injured.

The Turkish president said on twitter that all measures were being taken to “ensure that the earthquake that occurred in Elâzığ and was felt in many provinces is overcome with the least amount of loss”.

30 building had collapsed in two Provinces. The windows were smashed and balconies had fallen to the ground .Turkey is on top two major fault lines earthquake are frequent. Previously in 1991 and 2010 major earthquake had been faced by this country.

The quake struck at 8.55 local time and it was followed by series of multiple earthquake which had shocked the people and left the people in fear. People started to panic and went outdoor due to fear.

Rescue teams are doing their work. Due to building collapse several are injured. Additional ambulance are added in to effected provinces. Flying ambulance are also added.

Greece has also offered to help turkish for rescuing people. Greek prime minister offered condolence and sympathy on behalf of greek people.

People of Elazig whose homes are damaged are been moved towards the student dormitories or sports center amid freezing conditions.

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