Delhi election 2020 : why is AAP Party silent on Anti-CAA protests?

Delhi CM KEJRIWAL SKIP THE congress meeting on the citizenship amendment act. He is one of those leader who openly put his thoughts to the country.

Even the Aam aadmy party openly opposed the bill in parliament and voted against it , but the party hasn’t sided any of the anti-caa protesters.

The main reason behind this is AAP wants to fight the election on local issues not on national issues. If AAP more openly extend their support to anti- CAA protest , people may ignore the local development . In which AAP will be facing a huge loss of voters.

BJP has played his master card but AAP is also very clever and they had reacted nicely on this issue . I’m sure AAP will be remain silent until the election gets over .

Once the election gets over AAP will be the 1st party to come forward and raise questions to the government on this issue.

According to the reports there is no opponent who can stand and fight for the CM’ s position in Delhi. Many local interviews has been also conducted , in which people are been seen favouring the AAP party.

Basically majority of people wants PM modi as prime minister and Arvind kejriwal as CM in Delhi.

Delhi election will be conducted on 8th Feb and the results will be declared on 11th FEB.

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