Coronavirus: death toll rises as it spreads in eastern asia

I’m here to advise you that Australia now have a confirmed case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in Victoria the first case in Australia it’s important to stress that there is no cause for alarm to the community the patient is isolated and his undergoing treatment and they do not have any further suspected cases at this stage the patient is a gentleman in his 50s he’s a Chinese national he’s in a stable condition with a respiratory illness at the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton and he was confirmed as positive after a series of tests earlier

The gentleman has been in the city of Wuhan in China for the past two weeks prior to the onset of his illness and he arrived in Melbourne on an early morning flight on the 19th of January it’s important to stress that our health services are very strict protocols that apply in cases of suspected infectious diseases

This is ground zero Wuhan central China’s most populous city with about 11 million residents a transportation hub filled with outdoor markets in mid-december some shop owners in one of those markets came down with fevers fatigue dry coughs a 61 year old man checked into hospital when his cough got worse by the end of December doctors were concerned they were dealing with a SARS like virus that market was shut down a new year’s day and a week later authorities confirm the first known death from this outbreak a corona virus usually circulates among animals most often bats and snakes their droppings can contaminate fruits and vegetables eaten by livestock

The corona virus has spread to parts of Asia and now they’re confirmed cases in France and the United States so far no reported cases in Canada though health officials say several people are under observation with the shutdown abou Han and the cancellation of Lunar New Year celebrations the Chinese government is now watching to see if this outbreak can be contained well with new cases emerging every day.

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