Bank strike to be held for 2 days starting from today.

Bank strike , 3 days bank would be closed . Bank union had planned to held strike on 31st Jan & 1st Feb & Sunday being a weekend holiday.

Bank operations are going to be effected as bank are will be heading a 2 day protest in the whole country, Around 10 lakh employees of public sector are going to held a strike from all over the country.

Nirmala sitharaman is going to present her second union budget on Saturday. This choose the right time for the strike for their salaries hike.

Union are demanding with 20 percent hike on pay slip components with adequate loadings. From Nov 2017 wage revision of employees is pending.

Other thing which is demanded is 5 day work week. Our Economy is not going good. With Bank being playing the most important role in our economy it is not possible to increase their holidays & plus our nation is having the most number of public holidays in whole over world.

Private banks such ICICI , HDFC will be open . But the performance may be interrupted of clearing cheque, withdrawal, cash deposit, etc due to the other banks which are closed.

United Forum of Bank Unions which consists of nine bank unions of employees and officers, viz. AIBEA, AIBOC, NCBE, AIBOA, BEFI, INBEF, INBOC, NOBW and NOBO, has called for agitational programmes including strike actions.

According to reports bank will also held stike on March 11 ,12 ,13 . The strike will effect several bank branches and ATm’s .

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